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Dream Dictionary Meaning For Ejaculation

Dreaming of ejaculation can indicate a need for release in real life. This may be from a current or past issue, relationship, experience etc. It can also mean that you can no longer contain yourself and that there is something you need to do or say in reality. Perhaps something you have been delaying doing/saying or maybe it relates to a decision you've been putting off. Your mind is telling you that you can no longer delay.

If you dream of premature ejaculation (and this is not an issue you suffer from) then you are being told sub-consciously to hold back and delay whatever it was that you were considering doing or saying.

Ejaculation within a dream is also very common if the dream itself is a "sex dream", irrespective of whether the dream is accompanied by an emission. If you feel that this was a straightforward sex dream then interpretation is not necessary. This is particularly true of adolescents.