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Dream Dictionary Meaning For Incest

If you have been a victim of real-life incest, then your subconscious is almost certainly telling you to seek professional advice or counseling.

Age can be a factor when dreaming of incestuous practices. For teenagers it can be representative of that phase in their life when they are not quite an adult but they are also no longer a child. It's about their sexual awakening and natural curiosity. It does not necessarily mean that they have a desire to be violated or have been violated.

For an adult dreams of incest can mean a general dissatisfaction with your current sex life and indicate that you need to explore more exciting options with your partner.

If in your dream you are extremely aroused at the thought of committing incest with any family member and this excitement carries over to real life then you should consider counseling. Especially if you are in any way tempted to put your dreams into practice.