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CD Reviews: Spirit Flutes by David R. Maracle

Title: Spirit Flutes

By: David R. Maracle

Total Time: 48:34

Label: Reflections


Rating: Spirit Flutes by David R. Maracle - 5 Stars

Reviewed By: Talisman



Review: Spirit Flutes by David R. Maracle was originally titled Speaking Winds but has now been released under its new title. Native American music and flute music in particular has become a very firm favorite of mine over the last few years both for meditating and listening to.

There are fifteen tracks on this CD:

  1. Sacred Ground 3:28
  2. Love Medicine 2:47
  3. Memories 2:13
  4. A New Day 3:44
  5. Eagle Hill 3:22
  6. Hand In Hand 3:14
  7. The Long Journey 3:33
  8. O G K D A (Sugar) 2:04
  9. Alone At Last 4:35
  10. Dreaming Of You 3:18
  11. Walking With The Elders 2:35
  12. Courtship 1:26
  13. Rain Maker 5:40
  14. Along The Heavens 3:02
  15. Rattlesnake Initiation 2:33

Mohawk artist David R. Maracle is an excellent musician and this CD is a shining example of his talent. Every track is played with great heart and spirit and the music is suitable for meditation or just for simply listening to. It's an ideal choice for chilling out at the end of a hectic day.

Soulful, relaxing, peaceful and incredibly soothing, this CD is an absolute must for anyone who likes Native American flute music.