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Jewelry Reviews - Sterling Silver Triquetra Pendant

Item: Sterling Silver Triquetra Pendant

By: Amazon Collection

Product Dimensions: 18" Chain


Rating: Sterling Silver Triquetra Pendant - 5 Stars

Reviewed By: Talisman




Review: The triquetra is an ancient symbol that's been found on rune stones in Northern Europe. It's also common in Celtic art and metal work, and in Christian symbolism, where it represents the Trinity. Modern Neopagan and Wiccan belief associates the triquetra with the triple aspects of the goddess.

This particular pendant design features a triquetra knot interlaced with an open circle and is crafted in bright sterling silver. It comes on an 18' box chain. With its attractive geometric form and interlacing design, this pendant has a simple, distinctive beauty. The quality is actually very good for the pendant itself. The chain is a little on the lightweight side but is nicely made and has a very smooth finish.

For those of you who would like to have some traditional Celtic jewelry (and don't want to pay the price associated with gold) this is an ideal choice.